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North Star Podcast

Dec 13, 2017


“The holy grail of design is small things that make a big difference.” 

Scott Belsky helps creative people, teams, and networks make ideas happen. 

In this episode, we talk about how Scott has merged the worlds of business, technology, and design. Scott shares insights on how to reinvent yourself throughout your career, and discusses the future of media and technology. I love what Scott had to say about design, where he draws from numerous trips to Japan where he was awestruck by the culture, their attention to detail and the care they bring to their craft. 

Today, Scott is Adobe’s Chief Product Officer and the Executive Vice President of Creative Cloud. He’s a product design and consumer behavior obsessive and founded Behance to organize the creative world and connect creatives with lucrative opportunities, before Adobe acquired the company in 2012.

He's a Venture Partner at Benchmark - a venture capital firm based in San Francisco, an early-stage investor, a Product Strategy Advisor to Adobe and Twitter's video efforts, and is co-founder and Executive Chairman of Prefer, a platform that empowers the careers of service professionals and enables people to find professionals they need from people they know. He’s also invested in many of my favorite companies including Sweetgreen, Uber, and Warby Parker. 


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