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North Star Podcast

Jun 15, 2020

My guest today is Sara Dietschy, a YouTuber with more than 620,000 YouTube subscribers. This is the fourth interview I’ve recorded with her. It’s her second appearance on the North Star Podcast, and I’ve been interviewed twice on her podcast called That Creative Life. 

Sara makes a couple of videos every week focused on creativity, technology, and entrepreneurship. Most of her revenue comes from paid partnerships, and she’s teamed up with brands like Intel, AT&T, Visa, Squarespace, and BestBuy, and Adobe. 

This episode begins with a discussion of what it means to be a YouTuber, so Sara shares lessons about hiring and monetizing a channel. Then, she talks about her creative process with ideas like her “one for them, one for me” model of creating content. We also talk about the future of influencer culture, homeschooling, the Despacito music video, and what we’ve learned about delegation.


Links to Sara:

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Sara’s Website


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2:02- This isolation of creative hiring. What it means to be a YouTuber. How Sara learns about new technologies.

12:36- What Sara is most opinionated about. How quantification affects Sara’s creative process.

19:30- How Sara creates her content using the “one for me, one for them” model. David and Sara’s creative process. Sara’s relationship to Twitter and YouTube. The future of influencer culture.  

31:01- What is good and bad about obsessive personalities. The future of public school and the positives and negatives of homeschooling. The difference between excellence and genius and how school only trains for excellence. 

48:02 The gift of truly hating something. The art of video editing and what makes it difficult to delegate. How YouTube has changed over the past ten years.

1:00:55- What Epidemic Sound is doing well. Why Despacito was so popular on YouTube. 

1:06:17- Who has done well with delegation. What is so difficult about hiring for creative roles. Why Sara hired a meme creator.

1:18:42- Why differentiation is free marketing on the Internet. Love languages for hiring. David and Sara’s brand dissection podcast plan.