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North Star Podcast

Feb 16, 2021

My guest today is Li Jin, the founder and managing partner at an early-stage venture capital firm called Atelier.

She's known for her extensive writings about the Passion Economy.

Her essays explore how people can make a living from their passions and creative skills.

All of her writing is filtered through the lens of consumer startups and the technology industry.

In this episode, we explore Li's perspective on the future of the creator economy.

We talk about what it'll take to build a middle class for creators and how platforms should enable creator monetization.

But then we venture beyond the world of work and discuss the novels of Jane Austen, what Li learned by growing up in Pittsburgh, and why she thinks social media and content creation are valuable pursuits.

Please enjoy my conversation with Li Jin.

Show Notes:

2:37 - How do content creators get users to migrate platforms and engage in unfamiliar apps?

5:44 - Why is some digital content more consumable than others?

13:07 - What is the driving force behind Li’s background in English literature?

17:34 - Why Jane Austen is so incredibly important to the world of modern creatives

21:56 - What has contributed to the alienation of gig workers in modern economy?

24:57 - Where does Li Jin’s technological optimism stem from?

28:32 - What is an “Angel Investor”, and how do they influence the modern world of content creation?

32:55 - What is the difference between an artist and a creator?

37:44 - How has the modern market created space for content creators?

42:19 - What causes creative burnout in the world of content creators?

50:01 - What are the implications of viral fame in the modern world of content creators?

57:46 - Which aspects of traditional and non-traditional education were most impactful on Li Jin?

1:08:55 - What are some things that both successful and aspiring content creators often misunderstand about the industry

1:14:20 - What are some of the parallels between the worlds of writing and investing?

1:18:08 - How Li Jin embodies the spirit of a malleable fate