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North Star Podcast

Sep 9, 2019

Emmett pioneered the Direct-to-Consumer aesthetic. The bright colors, the flat design, and the sans serif fonts are a direct result of his work. At Gin Lane, he worked with brands like Bonobos, SweetGreen, Harry’s, Smile Direct Club, and Recess. Now, he’s switching gears. Emmett and his team launched Pattern, a family of brands with products and guidance that inspire people to live a more present life.
Emmett isn’t a Luddite, but he’s skeptical of the effects of modern technology and our obsession with efficiency.  
I admire Emmett’s ability to match the intuitive and the intellectual, the quantitative and the qualitative. He loves to read but doesn’t get bogged down by the dogma and precedent. He loves to be creative but isn’t trapped by the myth of the messy artist whose life is in shambles. He’s a sharp critic, a careful observer, and a prolific designer. And in this episode, Emmett reveals his true colors. But I’ll warn you, there are some curse words in this episode due to the passion of the conversation. Enjoy my conversation with Emmett Shine.