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North Star Podcast

Dec 27, 2019

My guest today is Andy McCune, an entrepreneur and creative who co-founded Unfold, a mobile design tool kit for storytellers that was acquired by Squarespace.

He also runs an Instagram account called Earth (@earth on Instagram) with 1.1 million followers. Andy is one of the very most talented people I know. And he has a...

Dec 13, 2019

My guest today is Samo Burja, the founder of Bismarck Analysis, a firm that analyzes institutions, governments, and companies for high net worth individuals. Samo is known for an idea called Great Founder Theory, and his research focuses on the causes of societal decay and flourishing. 
This is my second time having...

Nov 1, 2019

My guest today is Tiago Forte, who runs an online course called Building a Second Brain.
This episode is different than most of my podcasts. It’s less of an interview and more of a conversation.
Tiago and I have collaborated closely for the past year. In February, we worked together to film and produce my online...

Oct 21, 2019

My guest today is Ryan Holiday.

He’s a writer, media strategist, and the author of ten books. He dropped out of college at 19 years old to apprentice under Ryan Greene, author of Mastery and The 48 Laws of Power. He worked at American Apparel and founded an agency called Brass Check.

We begin this episode talking...

Oct 7, 2019

My guest today is Cameron Porter, an investor and former professional soccer player. 

We begin the conversation talking about AlleyCorp, an investment firm in New York where Cameron is responsible for new company research and development and due diligence on seed investment. Then we move to Cameron’s experience...